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Snark Ladies in Dallas

In my last post I mentioned my recent trip to Dallas to visit the internet. While hanging out in Dallas with my fellow snark ladies I filmed a few things. I put together a video of said things, principally for the sake of my own future nostalgia-fueled enjoyment. Just in case you're interested in that [...]


As my departure from Europe is now imminent, and classes are finally over leaving me on several weeks of actual vacation (ZOMG WHAT IS THIS?) before I start writing my thesis (EW), I went out to Rennes, France this weekend. The Thursday vlogger for The Expat Chronicles lives near there, and since we know my [...]

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The internet is real.

Being in a Global Communications MA program, the internet enters a lot of our discussions; it has been a significant part of all but one research paper that I have written here. You can't avoid talking about this thing that has fundamentally transformed the way we communicate (especially in the international contexts that this program [...]


If you hate being uncomfortable and have little patience for the absurdly awkward, then travel and living abroad are simply not for you. Fortunately, I am well versed in all things awkward, and I mostly love the fact that every basic task becomes monumental now that I live in a city where my knowledge of [...]


I could not have asked for a better send-off from the US. I leave for France in three days and in addition to the flurry of excitement surrounding my departure prep, I am still reeling from how fantastic my weekend was. In my year of basement-dwelling, teaching, and becoming a gym rat, I have never [...]


I really enjoy a good awkward moment when I have a friend present to witness it. Sometimes there are amazingly awkward moments that make me think, "I've always wanted to do this, I just didn't know it." A couple weeks ago I drove to the middle of a corn field in Illinois to spend a [...]


April Adventures, Part 3: Yvonne LeHead

And then there was Sunday. If this upcoming weekend weren't Coachella, I might just say it's time for me to pack up the April Adventures, because I'm not sure how I could ever top this. Although, I am posting this days after writing it -- probably from my phone at a truck stop somewhere in [...]


Things that are not awesome: being cold, getting your ass kicked in laser tag by not only your little sister but also your mother, and getting out of bed. Things that are awesome: just about everything else that has happened in the last week. After writing my silly post about my month-long quest for glitter [...]