I live in the internet.

Lately this blog has been venturing into SRSBSNS territory. We are now in the second half of the semester and the real work on the research papers gets started and the questions about WHAT COMES NEXT will also start tugging at our heels and my life will spiral into a mess of #gradschoolproblems. All of [...]


Hungarian Halloween

Halloween has a special place in my heart. I worked in several haunted houses (and I grew up in LA where every such operation has at least one person who knows someone with an inexplicable treasure trove of awesome props). Since 2007, my Halloween has been defined by The Rocky Horror Picture Show - I [...]


I was exhausted, shirtless, and freezing. I stared at the papers spread out on her desk and couldn't answer questions any more articulately than mumbling because I was afraid I might start crying if I opened my mouth any wider. After the countless hoops I had to jump through to initiate the visa process in [...]


Eat it up (if you can)

"I lived in Ghana for a semester; Paris will be a breeze." This is indicative of the simultaneously arrogant and naive things I thought before I came to Paris. When I left for Ghana, I had few expectations other than that everything was going to be really ridiculously different. In truth, things were probably nicer [...]