People I Love

This isn’t quite a blogroll so much as my blog crush list. These are some of my favorite people on the internet and you should check them out and fall in love:

ash WU!
Ashley has been one of the funniest people I know since we were 8 years old. This is her tumblr account where she posts pictures of random things and adds her awesome comedic input. Read. Follow. Love.

The Democracy Diva
Sam also ranks highly on my list of “The Funniest People I Know.” She’s also got an awesome sense of style. She occasionally blogs about life-y things, but it’s about 80% fashion commentary, 18% random television musings, and about 2% Sam’s life. Regardless of which category a post falls into, it never fails to be entertaining.

Late To The Party
Roxanne and Lorraine are an awesome combination of endearing, heartfelt, and funny. There is some speculation as to whether or not Roxanne exists, but I love them both — even if one might just be an imaginary friend. (I’m kidding. They both exist. They’re both lovely.)

you can read me anything.
I made my undying love for Risha known in a post entitled Five Reasons Risha Rao is Better Than You and gave her a fake birthday. The short reason: she is incredibly insightful and her blog reads like poetry.

Slightly Disappointing
Bret’s blog tends to deliver exactly the sort of unhappily ever after stories you’d expect from the title. Nothing ever seems to work out, but he always has a humorous take on things, making it only slightly disappointing. His posts are quite possibly the longest posts in the entire blogosphere, but he’s hilarious so it’s worth it.

Sara Swears a Lot
Sara does not actually swear as often as she would lead you to believe. She does, however, spend a lot of time talking about her vagina, her drinking habits, and her awesome wine glass necklace. I think that sufficiently explains my love for her.

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