I live in the internet.

Lately this blog has been venturing into SRSBSNS territory. We are now in the second half of the semester and the real work on the research papers gets started and the questions about WHAT COMES NEXT will also start tugging at our heels and my life will spiral into a mess of #gradschoolproblems. All of this is to say that me turning into a giant ball of, “WHO AM I AND OH MY GOD WHAT IS MY LIFE!?” and using this blog to verbally vomit my confusion all over the internet may well persist.

Or maybe it won’t. I don’t know.

Regardless, the real point of this post is to tell you about something non-SRSBSNS: In my continued process of disappearing into the 1’s and 0’s I have joined a vlog channel of people living/studying abroad (or getting ready to do so) and although we are just getting started, it is already a lot of fun. You can check out the channel and subscribe and all of that if this sounds like something you might enjoy.

I won’t make a regular habit of posting those videos here or anything, but I got bored in the airport on my way home from Ghana and if you can get past how weird this video is, there are a few clips from Ghana. I will eventually put together a few more videos because I have a lot of video from Ghana that I ought to put to some use.

For now, here’s this:

My exercise in public humiliation continues. Question: how do I know when I have no shame left?

Speaking of my nearly absent shame, I’m going to use this LOOK AT ALL OF THE OTHER PLACES I LIVE ON THE INTERNET opportunity to remind you of the existence of Childhood Trauma and Twenties Hacker, though I have been a bit of a slacker in both places lately. Also, a few weeks ago I did a guest post on The Hunger Games over at Fantasy Casting.

We can all see that this post is largely devoid of substance, so there’s no sense in trying to drag it out now.

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  • Anonymous

    I talk to myself too! Just… not… on camera…..


    Also those monkeys are damn cute. I want to smuggle one home so it can live in the oak tree beside my house and greet me every time I pass to get the bus.

    Damn you make me want to go travelling. And I’m STUCK here until I get my tax refund and see how much that is and see if I can go to PAREE!

    • http://www.sweeneysays.com Sweeney

      If you come to Paris then I can talk to YOU on camera instead of myself.

  • Dave

    Random comment:  if you ever start up a dubstep/techno group, you should definitely call is SRSBSNS!

    • http://www.sweeneysays.com Sweeney

      I will definitely take that suggestion to heart.

  • Gaëlle Laforest

    I can’t believe it took me that long to get SRSBSNS.

    • http://www.sweeneysays.com Sweeney

      With my love of obnoxious text speak, you would never guess that I am a graduate student and not a middle schooler.

  • Shelly

    As I was watching this I couldn’t help but think, “Wow! Nicole had to change outfits back and forth and awful lot!”  Then it occurred to me…Video editing.  

    • http://www.sweeneysays.com Sweeney

      MOVIE MAGIC. It’s true. I actually used it as part of my changing process to prepare for the temperature drop in Paris.  I recorded the answers first and then changed in to my warmer clothes for the flight and did the questions.  So the changing clothes bit was going to happen regardless of whether or not I decided to record a creepy video of myself…