Bootleg nominations, a giant thank you, and an awkward video

Last week 20sb announced the nominees for this year’s Bootleg awards and I came home to some awesome emails and @replies because (1) Childhood Trauma was unopposed for Best Group Blog (!!!) and (2) I was personally nominated for a few things. Taking a look at the full list, I was a little bit excited. All right, I was a lot excited. It’s good to be in such great company.

A while back Risha suggested that the nominees record VOTE FOR ME VIDEOS. Ginny did just that and hers is fantastic. I am too sick and awkward for that, so instead I just flailed, repeated words like “awesome” and “cool” to excess and gushed over how much I love everyone and want to bake a cake with rainbows and sprinkles so we can all just eat it an be happy. Or something like that.

You can check out the full list of nominees on the 20sb blog. (And vote too!)

Again, major thank you to everyone.

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  • Melbourne on my mind

    I love that you recorded yourself jumping on the trampoline to insert into this. Which, incidentally, was sold gold. And yay to being at home for a while!! I miss your face, so thanks for putting it on the internet for me to watch <3 

    (Wait. I think that was creepier than I meant it to be. Sorry…)

    • Sweeney

      “Mom, I have a weird favor. I need you to record me jumping on the trampoline for ten seconds.”

      Fortunately, she’s gotten used to my weirdness / it’s genetic and probably all her fault.


  • Shelly

    What a great video!  All your editing and whatnot is so cool! And a message for Rusty “Moo! Moo! Moo! I love you big ol’ horse doggie!”

    • Sweeney

      He loves you too, Shelly.

  • Erin Mc Awesome

    This video is great! Best of luck in all categories. 

    You know you vlog like a boss, don’t front!
    Guess who got a visa today?
    ;)Back in Paris on thursday! 

    • Sweeney

      YOU. We need to get together for coffee or something now that you are back with a proper visa and everything.

  • Hannah

    congrats on your nominations!!!

    • Sweeney

      Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    You should have won sexiest blogger. Seriously. HOW MUCH DO I FANCY YOUR FACE??

    You totally deserved that win by the way! Love this vlog.

  • Patty

    obviously guru, you get my vote

    • Sweeney



    I’m here because I need more funny blogs to read.  You are funny.  Congrats on winning awards and stuff.

    • Sweeney

      Aww, thank you! This completely made my day. Err, night. ;)