March 2011

Clarification: I don't know what that weird humming noise is. It's a glitch with my webcam. There's probably a ghost/demon living in my netbook. It's whatever. For the 4 non-bloggers who might read this: This is Sara. This is Lily. The fact that I should never ever try to vlog again should be clear after [...]


St. Patrick’s Day 2011, take 1.

I have a friend who we shall call Vodka. I've already talked about my former roommate named Vagina, and I have a blog, so it is inevitable that I should also have a friend named Vodka. I scoured the interwebs in search of the picture that really ought to be our "friendship" picture on Facebook, [...]


Things that are challenging: walking.

Sometimes it makes a lot of sense to go back and tell a not-so-recent story without provocation. I'm not just talking about how you're telling a current story and then it makes you think of another one. There is a distinction between exploiting past stories for blog filler and stories that are somehow significant to [...]


How is that I am almost 23 years old?

This is my second post this week, which is a rare thing. I am unlikely to make a habit of this. Credit it to the fact that my two posts together add up to less than the word count of any of my more recent preceding posts. Recently, I was fortunate enough to win one [...]


Today's blog post is brought to you by Meaghan Luby of My Scribbled Notebook and Clutzy Cooking, courtesy of the Shitty Movie Blog Ring. To the best of my knowledge, the ring is still untitled, though I am partial to the Bad Movie Awareness Society (which I think I got from Coyote Rose). This month's [...]